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Company :EML
City :Lusaka
Country :
Industries :
Industry, production, manufacturing and other
Maintenance, servicing, after-sales services
Electric, electronic, optical and precision equipments
Electricity, water, gas, nuclear, energy
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Company Description
Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd (EML) meets the need for a competitive and diverse range of electrical engineering products and services for the retail and wholesale markets in Zambia. We meet the requirements of the electrical industry from our Lusaka and Kitwe offices. CEO George Narder points out, "EML is the most diversified electrical and electronic engineering company in Zambia. Today we retail more product lines than any other comparable competitor based on providing reliable, high-quality service. We work with the best international brands to offer an outstanding range of quality products."
As most of our clients appreciate we are involved in the retail and wholesale all manner of quality products for the electrical industry. We manufacture in Lusaka; custom designed power-distribution and control panels, select light fittings, feeder pillars and light poles. Our engineers design and install electrical systems for; buildings and industrial plants, photo-voltaic solar applications, supply and service diagnostic healthcare medical equipment, and PABX and DECT communication devices.